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The University of Utah Technology Licensing Office recently launched its new Faculty & Staff Portal designed to facilitate the disclosure process and give researchers more insight into the process from beginning to end.

The portal also allows researcher to view issued and pending patents where they are an inventor and agreements associated with their invention disclosures.

Access the portal

“We created our Faculty & Staff Portal to both increase transparency related to existing projects and streamline the disclosure process for new technologies. The portal provides details regarding the status of an invention not previously available, such as estimated completion dates for our assessment process and when our office is marketing a technology to third parties,” said the office’s Director of Innovation Management Kyrsten Woolstenhulme.

“The portal also enables faculty and staff to see all intellectual property and agreements related to their technologies. We hope that this improved access to information regarding the Technology Licensing Office’s processes will increase successful collaboration toward commercialization.”

In the portal, U employees can disclose an invention, resume a draft invention disclosure and view previously disclosed invention disclosures. The portal also gives researchers better visibility and understanding into how our team handles an invention disclosure after the researcher submits it.

What can you do in the portal?

  • Disclose an invention
  • View an inventions status along TLO’s review processes
  • Peruse intellectual property that has been drafted or filed on their invention disclosures
  • View agreements related to your technologies
  • Review grants they’ve submitted to the Technology Licensing Office

In case of any issues with the portal, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use the “Report an Issue” option within the portal.


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