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We are here to help you partner with the U’s innovation ecosystem. We can connect you to the U’s life-changing technology, talent, faculty expertise, resources, education and more.

Sponsor Research

The University of Utah’s research ecosystem is known around the world for being a place that prioritizes innovative thinking and interdisciplinary problem-solving. We look for ways to connect industry with the labs and researchers who are working at the cutting edge of their field, and enable sponsored research collaborations that provide a win-win-win for industry, the university, and society.


Utah should be top-of-mind for investment opportunities. The Technology Licensing Office can easily connect you with the U’s robust portfolio of startup companies, companies in our accelerators and incubator, and to hundreds of technologies in various stages of development. In fact, the U has launched more than 330 successful companies and U startups have attracted more than $1.75 billion in investment in the past five years.

Find & Engage Talent

From alumni engagement to sponsoring a capstone project, getting involved in internship programs, or hiring new grads, there are a number of ways to identify and recruit the bright minds who receive a world-class education at the U and are eager to make their mark on the world.

Opportunities at Accelerators and Incubator

From life science incubator space to industry-specific accelerators, we strive to support innovative ideas along their lifecycle from the bench to the broader world. If you’re looking to develop an idea or want to connect with the opportunities being created throughout this ecosystem, look no further.

Access Core University Facilities

Where’s a nuclear reactor when you really need one? Well…here at the U, actually. In addition to nuclear engineering, imaging, genetic sequencing and nanofabrication labs, the University has dozens of other core research facilities and highly specialized equipment that are hard to find and harder to operate. These facilities are run by trained staff and are available to serve industry and university research needs. Visit the CORES website.

Research Park

Since its creation in the late 1960s, Research Park at the University of Utah has been home to some of the world’s leading innovative companies, and served as an incubator for countless others. Located next door to the U’s main campus, Research Park is THE hub for innovation in the state of Utah. Learn more about Research Park’s strategic expansion plan.


We support you and your innovation.

Wherever you are on your innovation journey, the Technology Licensing Office is your go-to source to connect you with the U’s innovation ecosystem.

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