Faculty Guide to Technology Commercialization

The Technology Licensing Office supports all aspects of invention management, including patent prosecution, licensing, startup formation and access to early-stage funding. Each year we work with hundreds of U researchers, processing an average of 200+ disclosures. On top of that, our office has facilitated the filing and issuance of over 1,300 patents for U faculty members. As a faculty member, your research and expertise have the potential to make a lasting impact beyond the academic realm, and we are committed to providing you the knowledge, resources and support necessary to navigate the process of technology commercialization.

Commercialization Guide

This comprehensive guide is designed to support faculty members while they work to commercialize their research and ideas. Inside this guide, you will learn about everything from protecting your intellectual property rights to finding the right industry partners, securing funding and more.

The commercialization process at the U

1 Starts with an idea

2 Disclosure

An idea can be disclosed through the Faculty Portal Licensing Office. Once submitted, a technology manager will be assigned to review the disclosure.

3 Review Process

A team of internal and external experts will evaluate the invention's stage of development, commercial opportunity, intellectual property protection options and more. A comprehensive analysis is compiled to help researchers understand the potential of the invention and next steps.

4 Intellectual Property Protection

The Technology Licensing Office works with independent attorneys specializing in intellectual property protection, many of whom also have a technical background. Working actively with the inventors and attorneys, our team will seek the appropriate protection for an invention.

5 Market Inventions

The Technology Licensing Office works with researchers to determine when an invention is ready to be licensed, either to a startup or an existing company.

6 License

The Technology Licensing Office will work to negotiate a license as efficiently as possible.

7 Products & Services

Once a license is executed, the Technology Licensing Office works to support relationships with licensees to optimize commercial impact.

8 Royalty & Investment Income

The Technology Licensing Office distributes royalty and investment income to inventors, per university policy. 

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Inventor Resources

Work with Industry

Interested in expanding your list of industry contacts to more broadly support your research? We have resources to help you extend your outreach or deepen your relationships. These relationships provide a win-win-win for industry, the university and society.

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Grants & Funding

Our office helps researchers access funding opportunities, including our Ascender Grant. 

Explore funding opportunities

StartUp 360™

This comprehensive program connects U faculty and spinout companies with the resources they need to be successful for whatever stage a company is celebrating: conception, creation, growth or acquisition.

Learn about StartUp 360™



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