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We are here to help you get data-driven insights to find out where you fit best in the marketplace.

Have you ever wondered whether your laboratory discovery or research has value in the real-world? Whether you’re a graduate student, post-doc, researcher or faculty member, you know how important it is to transform your idea into real-world impact.

What is I-Corps™?

The U.S. National Science Foundation’s Innovation Corps (I-Corps™) program is designed to help reduce the time and risk associated with translating promising ideas and technologies from the laboratory to the marketplace. This personalized program helps researchers transform their discoveries into products and services that can benefit society within a community of entrepreneurs, educators and mentors. Anyone is welcome to attend, including those outside the University of Utah system.

Why participate?

  • I-Corps™ will teach you the skills and empower you with the knowledge needed to transform your research into a deep technology venture.
  • You will learn specific methodologies to assess the commercial feasibility of your solution.
  • You will also discover and understand more about your potential target industry and consumer base.

Our programming forms a cornerstone of the NSF National Innovation Network, which includes seasoned entrepreneurs, NSF-funded researchers, federal agencies and  regional entrepreneurial communities across the country. 

I-Corps™ Hub West

The University of Utah is part of I-Corps™ Hub West that includes 10 Partner Institutions (Caltech, USC, Colorado State University, The University of New Mexico, UCLA, University of Colorado Boulder, UC Riverside, UC Santa Barbara, Colorado School of Mines, and The University of Utah).


To get started, talk to the Utah I-Corps team.

1 Zap (3 consecutive weekly sessions held via Zoom and/or in-person)

  • Gain a broad introduction to Lean Startup Methodology and the business model canvas. Identify your customers and refine your value proposition through practical exercises.
  • Regional Program (training through the Hub West)
  • 3 Sessions (2 hours/week for 3 weeks)

2 Boom (2 weeks, Invitation only for teams who have completed ZAP)

  • Dive deeper into customer discovery and the business ecosystem—mapping your journey from deep-tech innovation to scaling a startup.
  • Recommended
  • 2 sessions (2 hours/week for 2 weeks)

3 Nationals (teams who have successfully completed ZAP, BOOM and a final screening process)

  • If accepted to the national program, you will receive a $50,000 grant from the NSF to support the commercialization of your deep technology.
  • Recommended
  • 7 weeks (100 interviews)
  • *Eligibility for the National Program:
    • Completed the I-Corps Regional Programs (ZAP + BOOM) or
    • The team's technology is based on the NSF-funded research (within the past 5 years)

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