StartUp 360™

This comprehensive program connects U faculty and spinout companies with the resources they need to be successful for whatever stage a company is celebrating: conception, creation, growth or acquisition.

Strategy & Planning

You have the vision to create a product, research a new medicine, or create something that will change the world. Let us help you figure out the best way to strategize and plan. This could involve obtaining regulatory approval, conducting competitive analysis and product differentiation studies, developing marketing campaigns, or a number of other tactics to demonstrate value and get people excited about what you have to offer.

Service Partners

CEOs can work with these experts to address key business considerations where their expertise is limited and better focus their time on product development and fundraising.


Starting a company isn’t always as simple as it seems and having the right advice from the beginning is critical. This is why The Technology Licensing Office has taken the time to identify law firms that specialize in counseling emerging growth companies. These firms work directly with startups, often for reduced fees, to provide specialized support to meet specific needs. This includes legal filings for company formation, as well as operating, stock option, shareholder and license agreements.


Keeping proper financial records from day one is important – even when there isn’t much money to keep track of. If you aspire to raise capital and grow a successful company, having proper accounting and tax advice will prove valuable. The Technology Licensing Office has identified accounting firms that focus on startup companies to provide the most effective solutions for accounting, finance management, payroll and tax. Many of these firms also have specific expertise in grant accounting related to SBIR and STTR efforts.


Creating a website and logo can set the tone for an upstart and serve as a calling card for growth. First employee, first investor, first customer – telling your story to achieve these firsts can be challenging. The first impressions your company makes are frequently the difference between ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ The Technology Licensing Office understands these challenges and has identified experienced marketing, communications and public relations firms to help craft your startup's message.


Business is risky but understanding how to insure it shouldn’t be. General liability, professional liability, clinical trials, health, directors & officers and long-term disability are just some of the insurance policies your business may require. Work with insurance providers that can help identify the right coverage for your business. The Technology Licensing Office will connect you to insurance brokers and agents that can explain each policy so you can put the coverage in place your company needs when you need it.


IR Program

The Technology Licensing Office created its multi-faceted in-residence program to leverage the knowledge, experience, and networks of successful entrepreneurs and industry leaders. Executive (XIR), Entrepreneur (EIR), and Mentor-in-Residence (MIR) with the program seek to build deep and lasting relationships with startup founders around the valley.

Board of Directors

Having a board of directors isn’t something to be taken lightly. The individuals on a company board not only provide thought partnership on corporate strategy, they help navigate a company through good times and bad. Members of a corporate board also serve as advocates for the company and the management team. This is why selecting board members is so important from the beginning of a company. The Technology Licensing Office has curated a database of experienced board members with valuable industry experience.

Find & Recruit Talent

From alumni engagement to sponsoring a capstone project, getting involved in internship programs, or hiring new grads, there are a number of ways to identify and recruit the bright minds who receive a world-class education at the U and are eager to make their mark on the world.


Access to Investors

If you are managing a startup company, chances are you’ll need investors at some point. The Technology Licensing Office has helped advise and make introductions for startup companies to raise hundreds of millions of dollars. We maintain relationships with private and public investors across the spectrum of financing as well as across myriad industry sectors. The Technology Licensing Office will assist in providing valuable introductions as well as preparing startups to present to potential investors.

Grants and Investment Funds

Check out some opportunities to apply for grants and investment funds. The Technology Licensing Office strives to provide a list of external grants and investments funds, and these lists are constantly updated, so visit this page regularly.

Startup Resources

The Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute maintains a very good list of resources for those starting a business in Salt Lake City. View their website for more info.


We support you and your innovation.

Regardless of what you are looking for, or what stage you are in the innovation journey, the Technology Licensing Office is your go-to source to connect you with the U’s innovation ecosystem.

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