Meet Our Team

With a shared passion for innovation, entrepreneurship and real-world impact, our team is committed to supporting researchers on their journey from idea to market.

Our team brings together diverse expertise and experience, combining knowledge of intellectual property, business development, licensing and industry engagement. We are here to guide you through the technology transfer process and help transform your innovative ideas into tangible, impactful solutions.


Our administrative team at the Technology Licensing Office focuses on strategy, business operations, human resources, accountability, procurement, processes, SOPs and workflows across the organization to enable informed decision making.

Chief Innovation Officer
Senior Director, Chief of Staff
Executive Assistant to Chief Innovation Officer
Administrative Coordinator

Commercialization Team

Our commercialization team provides comprehensive guidance to faculty members from the pre-disclosure stage through to licensing. They  manage intellectual property on campus, engage with faculty, establish tangible property agreements, market technologies, foster industry relationships, and ultimately license various technologies.

Physical Sciences, Director of Commercialization
Life Sciences, Director of Commercialization
Life Sciences, Associate Director of Commercialization
Physical Sciences, Associate Director of Commercialization
Associate Director of Innovation & Commercialization
Physical Science, Associate Director External Engagement
Tangible Property Life Sciences, Associate Director of Commercialization

Innovation Team

Our innovation management team leads the evaluation of new disclosures from intake and onboarding, through assessment of the technology, market, and intellectual property. They also support development and commercialization through the Ascender Grant program, periodic reviews of active technologies, market research, and strategy development activity.

Director of Innovation Management
Senior Managing Director
Senior Manager, Research; University of Utah Therapeutics Accelerator Hub (U2TAH)
Energy Greenhouse, Managing Director
University of Utah Therapeutics Accelerator Hub (U2TAH), Administrative Manager
Market Research Analyst
Innovation Project Manager
University of Utah Therapeutics Accelerator Hub (U2TAH), Managing Director
Innovations Manager
Senior Manager, Research


Our contracts team oversees the drafting, review and execution of all contracts and agreements for TLO, including licensing agreements, MTAs, DTAs , CDAs, VSAs, IIAs and DUAs. The contracts team also liaises with the Conflict of Interest Office, the Office of Sponsored Projects, and the Office of General Council on behalf of TLO.

Director of Contracts
Senior Contracts Manager
Contracts Manager
Project Manager

Intellectual Property

The intellectual property team manages the patent, copyright and trademark portfolio for the University of Utah. They serve as the TLO liaison with external patent counsel, develop intellectual property strategies to support commercialization and direct patent filing and prosecution for university owned technologies. The team also works with licensees to maintain patents and address intellectual property related legal concerns. 

Director, Intellectual Property
Intellectual Property Manager
Intellectual Property Manager

License & Government Compliance

Our license and government compliance team works directly with our licensees to ensure agreements remain in compliance. They also have a thorough knowledge of government regulations like 37 C.F.R. (Bayh Dole). The team tracks all disclosures claiming funding from the government and/or foundations and maintains the reporting required by both.

Associate Director, License & Government Compliance


Our finance team is passionate about supporting the commercialization of cutting-edge research and development. They provide comprehensive financial analysis, budgeting, forecasting, royalty distribution and reporting, while working to maximize the return on investment for our partners.

Senior Director of Finance
Financial Analyst

Data Analytics Team

Our business and data analytics team is responsible for developing, implementing and managing data analytics capabilities while supporting quantitative and qualitative decision making.

Business Information Specialist
Director of Business & Data Analytics / ICORPS Regional Trainer
Systems Administrator

Marketing & Communications

Our marketing and communications team oversees innovation events, press releases, startup and faculty news as well as generates success stories.

Senior Director of Marketing & Communications
Program Manager / ICORPS Associate Director
Marketing & Communications Content Coordinator
Graphic Design Intern


We support you and your innovation.

Regardless of what you are looking for, or what stage you are in the innovation journey, the Technology Licensing Office is your go-to source to connect you with the U’s innovation ecosystem.

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