Data Analytics Team

Eric G. Johnson

Eric oversees and maintains data and business management systems, platforms, and architecture at the Technology Licensing Office. He is instrumental in designing, building, monitoring, and revising systems to align with both current and future needs of the Technology Licensing Office. Eric establishes and manages robust data governance structures and processes, facilitating business intelligence reporting, data analysis, and data sharing. He collaborates closely with internal and external departments, vendors, and related organizations to ensure the development, maintenance, and repair of systems as required. Additionally, Eric plays a pivotal role in managing and optimizing internal dashboards, enhancing efficiency and decision-making processes. In his role as an ICOPRS Trainer, Eric empowers researchers, providing them with the tools and insights needed to seamlessly transform their discoveries into valuable products and services. He works alongside participants to cultivate a collaborative environment that fosters innovation and societal impact. Eric has a B.S. in Chemistry, a M.S. in Business Analytics and MBA from the University of Utah. 



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